About us

Dogs are our best friends.
We want to help you be their Hero.


What does it mean to be your pets Hero?

At Hero Pet Health, we're all about returning the love our furry companions bring us. Being your pet's hero isn't just pats and play – it's about gifting them a healthier, happier, longer life.

As they fill our days with joy, we step up to fill their bowls with the goodness they need. It's a partnership founded on trust, loyalty, and the commitment to be the hero they deserve.

While they wag, chase, and tug, we stand by, ready to be the hero they've always seen in us.

Because being a hero isn't just capes; it's seizing every moment, one chew at a time.

Our mission

At Hero Pet Health, our core mission is to enable pet owners to bring as much joy to their pets lives as they do to them. 

We will achieve this by:

  • Developing innovative, natural products that allow pets to lead longer, healthier and happier lives
  • Providing accessible health and wellbeing education and support to all pet owners
  • Develop a sustainable pathway to research, develop and manufacture cutting edge pet health supplies based in Australia

Our values

There are six core pillars which make up our values at Hero Pet Health. 


Delivery the highest quality products, educational content and customer support.


Constantly looking for more effective ways to improve your pets health and wellbeing.


Do the right thing, always. Even if it takes a little longer or costs a little more. It's worth it.



Pets are a part of our family and nothing is more important than your family.



Everything we do is driven by one thought - how does this help pets and their owners?



Do the right thing, always. Even if it takes a little longer or costs a little more. It's worth it.

Meet the founders

Ollie and Geordie met while working together and quickly developed a friendship, bonding over their shared love of marketing and entrepreneurship.

Both dog lovers, they understood the special place that a pet held in your life, and what it meant to lose them.

This shared experience was the catalyst for Hero Pet Health, to try and give our beloved pets the healthest, happiest and longest lives possible.

Oliver Tinley

I've always considered myself a dog person, having grown up with dogs in my family my whole childhood. But it wasn't until Archie and Eli, my two kelpies came into my life did I really understand what it meant to be a dog person.

The unconditional love, always ready to have fun, go on an adventure or just cuddle up in bed is what makes them such a huge part of my life.

They're my inspiration for starting Hero. Because I want to be able to spend as much time as possible together and I know that starts with their health.

We've got a ton of good years to go and I know that they're going to be better off with Hero.

I hope you and your dogs can benefit just as much as mine have.

To Archie & Eli.

Geordie Frost

I grew up on a farm in south-west Western Australia and had many pets from the day I was born. When I was two we got a border collie-kelpie cross puppy and he was immediately my best friend. We grew up together and my best childhood memories were with him involved.

When he was 14 he developed pancreatitis and became very sick, to the point where he needed to be put down. To this day that was the saddest moment of my life, even though he had an amazing 14 years.

I've never had another dog since then as it didn't feel right to replace him so strong was our connection. That will change soon however as I have a young daughter and I can't think of anything better than giving her the gift of a best friend like I had.

This is the reason why building Hero with Ollie means so much to me, to help facilitate pets living their best, healthiest lives to bring all the joy to their families.

Our manufacturing process

At Hero Pet Health, we're immensely proud of our collaboration with an esteemed Australian-based manufacturing team.

With decades of experience in crafting exceptional products, this partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to quality and care.

While the team members bring a rich tapestry of expertise – from regulatory science to animal nutrition – what truly resonates is our collective dedication to enhancing the lives of our beloved pets.

Our manufacturing journey is more than just a process; it's a harmonious alliance aimed at transforming care into tangible products that reflect our shared passion.

As we work together to pioneer the future of pet well-being, we find inspiration in knowing that every chew we create carries the essence of this valued partnership.